Pigment Blue 27

Pigment Blue 27

Inorganic pigment---Pigment blue 27 synonyms:CI 75510;CI 77520;BERLIN BLUE;BERLIN BLUE INSOLUBLE;BERLIN BLUE SOLUBLE;PRUSSIAN BLUE SOLUBLE, FOR MICROSCOPY;water-soluble,CI77520;Pigment blue 27 (C.I. 77510

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                         PIGMENT BLUE 27

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Phiscal Properties:


CAS NO.:12240-15-2








Dark blue powder. Relative density 1.8. Insoluble in water, ethanol and ether, soluble in acid and base. 

The color light can be between dark blue and bright blue, the color is bright, the dyeing force is strong, the diffusion is strong, the oil absorption is large, the hiding power is slightly bad. 

The powder is hard and hard to grind. Able to withstand the sun, the dilute acid, but the concentrated sulfuric acid boiling decomposition; Alkalinity is weak, even dilute alkali can be decomposed. It cannot share with alkaline pigment. Heating to 170 ~ 180 ℃ when begin to lose crystal water, heating to 200 ~ 220 ℃ when burning liberate hydrocyanic acid. In addition to a small amount of additional material that can improve pigment performance, it is not allowed to contain fillings.


Cheap dark blue inorganic pigment, used to paint and printing ink and other industries, do not produce seepage phenomenon. In addition to being used as a blue pigment, it can be made  as lead chrome  green pigment mixing lead chrome yellow , which is common pigment in paint. 

Because its' poor alkali resistant, it cannot be used in water-based paint. Iron blue is also used in carbon paper. In plastics, iron blue does not apply to polyvinyl chloride as a stain, because it is degrading to polyvinyl chloride, but is suitable for use in low density polyethylene and high density polyethylene. In addition, it is also used for painting, crayons, paint, lacquered paper and other products.


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