Napthol AS-RL

Napthol AS-RL

Naphthol AS-RL ENGLISH NAME:2-HYDROXY-3-[(4-METHOXYPHENYL)CARBAMOYL]NAPHTHALENE;2-HYDROXY-3-NAPHTHOYL-P-ANISIDIDE;3-HYDROXY-2-NAPHTHOYL-P-ANISIDIDE;NAPTHOL AS-RL;3-hydroxy-4'-methoxy-2-naphthanilide;3-hydroxy-2-naphth-p-anisidide;C.I.Azoic Coupling Component 11 CAS: 92-79-5 Molecular formula: C18H15NO3 Molecular weight: 293.32 EINECS: 202-190-2

Product Details

Density: 1.304 g/cm3

Flash point: 211.9oC

Melting point: 229~230 C

Boiling point: 426.8oC at 760 mmHg

Purpose: color phenol AS-RL (92-79-5) has moderate cotton affinity and moderate coupling ability, and its performance is similar to that of AS-OL (C.I.37530). It is mainly used for cotton dye red primer, and also used for dyeing vinylon, viscose fiber, stinging, two acetate fiber and cotton printing.

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