Naphthol AS-KB

Naphthol AS-KB

NAPHTHOL AS-KB Items: Naphthol AS-KB C.I. 37526 CAS: 135-63-7 Chemical Formula : C 18 H 14 ClNO 2 Appearance: Light beige powder Color shade(with standard): similar Strength: 100±3% Purity: ≥98% Melting point: ≥240℃ Insoluble in Alkali: ≤0.5% BON acid content: ≤0.2% Reidue on 60 Msieve(or 80...

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Items: Naphthol AS-KB

C.I. 37526

CAS: 135-63-7

Chemical FormulaC18H14ClNO2

Appearance: Light  beige  powder

Color shade(with standard):similar



Melting point:≥240℃

Insoluble in Alkali:≤0.5%

BON acid content:≤0.2%

Reidue on 60 Msieve(or 80 Masrequest):≤5%

Use: This product is mainly used as organic pigment intermediate.It can produce organic red 11, 147, 162. This product can also be used for the dyeing of cotton, viscose and silk, is generally not used for printing. This product has low affinity to cotton, the best dyeing temperature is 30 DEG C, the infection temperature is 90 DEG C.

our company

Since 2001, Qingdao Longyuntong Corporation has developed to be a leading manufacturer of Azoic Dyes (Naphthol AS series and Bases) with annual output over 8000 MTs. It is the qualified supplier for global pigment manufacturers. It is also a main supplier of other pigment-related intermediates such as Acetoacet Anilide and Phenyl Methyl Pyrazolone series from China.

It devotes itself in supplying Basic Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Vat Dyes, etc. to textile powers. The product range could be expanded for Leather, Paper and other non-textile applications.


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