Naphthol AS-CA

Naphthol AS-CA

NAPHTHOL AS-CA Item : Naphthol AS-CA C.I. 37531 CAS: 137-52-0 Chemical Formula: C 18 H 14 ClNO 3 Appearance: Light beige powder Color shade(with standard): similar Strength: 100±3% Purity: ≥98% Melting point: ≥210℃ Insoluble in Alkali: ≤0.5% BON acid content: ≤0.2% Reidue on 60 Msieve(or 80...

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ItemNaphthol AS-CA

C.I. 37531


Chemical Formula:C18H14ClNO3

Appearance: Light beige powder

Color shade(with standard):similar



Melting point:≥210℃

Insoluble in Alkali:≤0.5%

BON acid content:≤0.2%

Reidue on 60 Msieve(or 80 Masrequest):≤5%

Usage: This product is mainly used in the production of organic pigment red 269. This product can also be dyed red primer, mainly used for dyeing cotton fabrics, rayon and nylon, cotton yarn and cotton is generally not used for printing on cotton, higher affinity.

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