The Properties Of Chitooligosaccharides

- Aug 31, 2017 -

1, color

It is a yellowish solid powder, easily dissolved in water.

2, stability

It has good acid and heat resistant stability and can not be decomposed at high temperature of 140 DEG C. Under acidic conditions, it has good thermal stability. Chitosan oligosaccharides can be used in acidic beverages and cooking foods.

3, water solubility: molecular weight is the main factor determining its water solubility. Chitosan is insoluble in water, while chitosan oligosaccharides are completely dissolved in water.

4, the body absorption rate: body absorption rate of 99.88%, chitosan absorption rate is 20 times.

5. Moisture absorption and moisture retention: chitosan oligosaccharide has better moisture absorption and moisture retention ability, and is superior to hyaluronic acid, sodium lactate and glycerin.

6, amino characteristics: because of its chemical structure contains the three important characteristics of the amino group.

(1) alkaline. Human body fluid pH requirements are very strict, pH values need to be limited to a very narrow range, otherwise the physiological function is adversely affected, serious will cause acid base poisoning. Because the body's catabolism products are mostly acidic, so the body fluid tends to be acidic, and experts suggest that eating more alkaline foods is the reason. Chitin is the only alkaline polysaccharide found in nature, and its basicity is determined by its amino group.

(2) reducibility. That is, there is an anti free radical effect, because free radicals are an important pathogenesis of almost all chronic diseases in middle-aged and elderly people, so antioxidation is very important.

(3) adsorption. Can combine many harmful substances and heavy metals.

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