Market Research On 2-Naphthol Industry In China 2016-2021

- Sep 26, 2018 -

In 2015, the import volume of 2-naphthol in China was less than seven tonnes, falling by about 33%. And from Feb. to Oct. in 2016, the import volume was more than nine tonnes. In 2015, the export volume was about 15 thousand tonnes, falling by around 25%. From Feb. to Oct. in 2016, the export volume was nearly 13 thousand tonnes.

The consumption structure of 2-naphthol in China is that 60% is dye intermediate, 20% is rubber ingredient, 10% is dye and paint and the rest is the others. With increasing demand for dye and paint, the demand for 2-naphthol will rise along. Improvement of production techniques, reduction of commission and conservation of energy and research on clean techniques are the directions of 2-naphthol industry.

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