Global Dyestuff Market For Textile Fibers 2015-2019

- Sep 26, 2018 -

Dyestuff is used to color a wide range of textile fibers such as polyester fibers, nylon fibers, acrylic fibers, and other fibers. Polyester fiber is the most widely used variety of textile fiber. Hence, it is the largest product segment of the global dyestuff market for textile fibers. A broad range of textiles produced from these colored textile fibers is utilized in end-user industries such as home textiles, apparels, automotive textiles, and other textiles. 

A large amount of water and chemicals is used by companies to manufacture dyes, which is affecting the environment as wastewater is released into the sea, polluting the sea water. However, waterless dyeing technologies are being developed and deployed to reduce pollution. The use of water is cut to near-zero, significantly diminishing the pollution. The decreased use of chemicals for dyeing will increase the speed of dyeing cycles, leading to less energy consumption. This in turn will reduce the cost of textile dyes, thus propelling the market growth.

According to the report, increased demand for natural dyes is one of the major drivers contributing to the market growth. Natural dyes or eco-friendly dyes witnessed a sharp rise during the past five years, with most of the investments seen in process innovations and water pollution reduction. Vendors are focusing on shifting from chemical dye manufacturing to value-added offerings. Currently, the market offers distinct basic dyes, direct, mordant, and vat dyes, and reactive and disperse dyes, which are expected to fade away, giving way to natural dyes.

Further, the report states that environmental concerns because of wastewater release into the seawater are compelling the governments to impose stringent environmental regulations. This is a challenge for the vendors.

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