Introduction And Main Use Of Pigments

- Aug 31, 2017 -

There are many kinds of pigments. They are small colored substances, a class of pigments made from organic compounds. They are painted on the surface of the object to form a color spectrum that gives a certain color. General organic inorganic and organic pigments, two of them is the difference of organic pigments have very high tinting strength, particle dispersion is relatively easy, not easy to precipitate, commonly used in printing ink, paint, plastic products, building materials and other materials coloring. Then the difference of dyes and pigments in where? A lot of people say, following by specializing in the production of chrome yellow Peng is chemical limited liability company for details.

The pigment is essential for coating manufacturing process of raw materials, it can make the coating has a certain ability to cover, add color and protection, so as to make up the defects, the paint is not only so, a material in the coating, the coating can enhance the strength of itself, by preventing the penetration of ultraviolet light, which also contributed to the anti aging effect of pigment coating. A variety of pigments have different uses.

Pigments in paint industry, in addition to the color and covering properties required for the paint film, it also enhances the durability, weather resistance and abrasion resistance of the paint film.

Antirust pigment is mainly to prevent metal rust in the atmosphere, especially in humid environment or other corrosive gases under the condition of the steel is easily rust corrosion, and can cause severe structural damage, can not even use. In order to prevent rust, many methods, such as enamel, electroplating and so on, including the use of paint is a commonly used simple method. A good variety of commonly used paint antirust performance: Tie Hong, yellow, red lead, zinc, calcium barium metaborate silver yellow.

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