A Surface Treatment Agent For Inorganic Pigments And Fillers

- Aug 31, 2017 -

A surface treatment agent for the surface modification of inorganic pigments and fillers, containing silica, 3-33%, sodium stearate, 4-60%, and water 4-93% by weight, obtained by the action of sodium silicate, stearic acid and water.

The preparation comprises steps:

(1) the water glass, stearic acid and water with modulus of 3.0-3.8 are added to the reaction kettle. The sodium silicate in water glass is 4-15% of the total weight of the feed, and the stearic acid is 4-20% of the total weight of the feed, and the remainder is water;

(2) heating up to the melting of stearic acid, stirring, heating up to 105-115 DEG C, heating and stirring are stopped;

(3) cooling and getting the product. The treating agent has the functions of inorganic and organic double treatment for inorganic pigments and fillers, and the preparation process is simple and free from pollution.

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