• Chitosan Oligosaccharide

      Chitosan Oligosaccharide

      Chitosan Oligosaccharide,which is low molecular-weight chitosan,is made from chitosan that origin from crad shells by enzyme hydrolysis.It degress of polmerization is 2~20,average...

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      • PR53:1


      PR53:1,low barium,barium content lower 100ppm,SGS,AP89-1 certification

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      • PR57:1


      PR57:1,low barium,barium content lower 30ppm,SGS,AP89-1 certification

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      • Pigment Blue 29

      Pigment Blue 29

      PIGMENT BLUE 29 inorganic pigment BluepigmentVN-3293 ;c.i.pigmentblue29(ultramarineblue) ;Levanox Ultramarine 3113LF;LAUNDRY BLUE;FRENCH BLUE

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      • Pigment Blue 27

      Pigment Blue 27

      Inorganic pigment---Pigment blue 27 synonyms:CI 75510;CI 77520;BERLIN BLUE;BERLIN BLUE INSOLUBLE;BERLIN BLUE SOLUBLE;PRUSSIAN BLUE SOLUBLE, FOR...

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      • Chitosan


      Chitosan is chitin as raw material, after refining, insoluble in water, soluble in dilute acid, can be absorbed by human body.It is White/Off-white, innocuous, flavorless, pearly...

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      • P-Aminobenzamide


      Product description Name:4-Aminobenzamide CAS NO:2835-68-9 EINECS NO:220-612-3

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      • DB70


      Synonyms:(4-Aminophenyl)carboxamide;4-amino-benzamid;4-Aminobenzenecarboxamide;4-Carbamoylaniline;aminobenzamide;Benzamide, p-amino-;Benzamide,4-amino-;Benzamide

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      • Phenoxy Acetic Acid

      Phenoxy Acetic Acid

      Phenoxy acetic acid is mainly used in producing Phenoxymethylpenicillin V,Herbicide,Insecticides,Fungicides, Plant hormones and intermediates of central nervous stimulants.

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      • Pigment Red Series 3

      Pigment Red Series 3

      PIGMENT RED 63:1 CAS NO.:6417-83-0
      PIGMENT RED 81 CAS NO.:12224-98-5
      PIGMENT RED 112 CAS NO.:6535-46-2
      PIGMENT RED 146 CAS NO.:5280-68-2
      PIGMENT RED 170 CAS...

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      • Pigment red Series 2

      Pigment red Series 2

      PIGMENT RED 52:1 CAS NO.:17852-99-2
      PIGMENT RED 53:1 CAS NO.:5160-02-1
      PIGMENT RED 57:1 CAS NO.:5281-04-9

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      • Pigment Red 49

      Pigment Red 49

      PIGMENT RED 49: CAS NO.:1248-18-6
      PIGMENT RED 49:1 CAS NO.:1103-38-4
      PIGMENT RED 49:2 CAS NO.:1103-39-5

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