Pigment Red Series

Pigment Red Series

Our company has developed into a High-Tech enterprise which gathers production,sales,R&D,service at the integral whole.We supply organic pigment and inorganic pigment including pigment yellow,pigment red,pigment organge,pigment blue,pigment green,used in Ink,Paint,Plastic,Textile printing etc,we has independent rights of import and export. Our products are popular in over 10 countries in North America,Europe,Southeast Asia,and Middle East.

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 Our company has developed into a High-Tech enterprise which gathers production,sales,R&D,service at the integral whole.We supply organic pigment and inorganic pigment including pigment yellow,pigment red,pigment organge,pigment blue,pigment green,used in Ink,Paint,Plastic,Textile printing etc,we has independent rights of import and export. Our products are popular in over 10 countries in North America,Europe,Southeast Asia,and Middle East. 

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